5/20 Sun 19:00 【燦爛電影院】1905国际人权电影节 Sittwe screening PLUS how to set up a human rights film festival

【燦爛電影院】1905国际人权电影节 Sittwe screening PLUS how to set up a human rights film festival


美國 | 2017 | 20’ |紀錄片
導演: Jeanne Hallacy

兩名來自緬甸若開邦對立的青少年發生衝突。 2012年,當一名佛教男孩穆斯林羅辛亞女孩和昂山敏明在社區暴力中被燒毀家園,被流離失所。 兩年多的訪談探討了他們對彼此對社區的看法,衝突的根源以及和解與和平的可能性。

時間:5/20 Sun 7:00 pm
座談會:Julie Karova

自 2015 年以來,Julie Karova 一直服務於同一個世界國際人權紀錄片電影節的策展部門,“同一個世界”已經成為世界上最大的人權電影節,推進人權事業並鼓勵公眾關注發生在世界各地的各種當今世界的人權問題。






USA | 2017 | 20’ | Documentary Film
Director: Jeanne Hallacy

Sittwe is about two teenagers from opposing sides of conflict and segregation in Burma’s Rakhine state‭. ‬Phyu Phyu Than‭, ‬a Muslim‭ ‬Rohingya girl and Aung San Myint‭, ‬a Buddhist boy‭, ‬were both displaced when their homes were burned down during communal violence in 2012‭. ‬Interviews filmed over two years explore their ideas about each other’s communities‭, ‬the root causes of conflict and‭ ‬the possibility of reconciliation and peace‭.‬

Award :
Best South East Asia Short Documentary Film‭, ‬Freedom Film Festival

The screening will be followed by a discussion with Julie Kárová on how to set up a human rights film festival.

Julie Karova is the programmer at One World International Human Rights

Documentary Film Festival, based in Prague. Over 20 years, One World has become the largest human rights films festival in the world, promoting human rights and encouraging society to be interested in various issues happening in our world. One World is also one of our partners.

Julie is a member of the final selection committee and organizer of One World Brussels, the Brussels edition of the festival, which concentrates on advocacy through documentary films and debates. She has also been working on different cultural, public space, and community projects in Prague.

Address: Brilliant Time bookstore, No. 1, Lane 135, Section 1, Xingnan Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City.


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