5/20 Mon 19:00 ▲燦爛越南▲N博士的奇幻旅程(英文演講)


◆時間:5/20 Mon 7:00 pm


N博士是越南公民社會著名的參與者與人權捍衛者。在2007年,他共同創辦了發展研究院(Institute of Development Studies, IDS);這是一個獨立、非營利的智庫,時常對政府政策提出質疑。

在2013年,延續當時由72位學者要求政府修憲廢除共產主義、建立民主制度的「72連署」,他共同創立了公民社會論壇(Civil Society Forum)。論壇特別組織抗議環境破壞的抗爭行動,也在國會選舉時推舉獨立參選人競選。


Dr. N is a human rights defender and a prominent member of Vietnamese civil society. In 2007, he co-founded the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), an independent, non-profit think-tank, since closed, that frequently questioned the government’s policies.

In 2013, he co-founded the Civil Society Forum, which was the continuation of Petition 72. Petition 72 was signed by 72 intellectuals demanding the change of constitution, in order to abolish communism and establish democracy. The forum has, among other activities, organized protests against environmental damage and promoted the participation of independent candidates for Parliament elections.

Lately, Dr.N has been extremely vocal regarding the 2016 Formosa spill, an industrial disaster which caused tens of thousands of fishermen to lose their source of livelihood.