11/18 Sat 19:00 《再見,可愛陌生人》紀錄片放映與映後座談


時間:11/18(Sat) 19:00-21:00
地點:羅東文化工場 文化客廳






華裔台灣人,1964 年生。300 年前祖先移民台灣,因拍片而更認識自己成長的土地。

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See You, Lovable Strangers” Screening & talk
Under Capitalism and Globalization, work and marriage are not ne-cessary to be limited in the home country any more. Although these international migrants might expect to work and take roots in Taiwan, people usually stay distance from them because of different languages and cultural back-grounds, forgetting that they are also part of our lives. They are neighbors, friends, and the residents who stand on the same ground. We share the resources with each other; build a vision for the future together. We are partners .

“All About Southeast Asia” is a series of talks including the topics of culture and documentary film, bringing par-ticipants into the fan-tastic Southeast Asian culture.

In 2017, the total number of migrant workers in Taiwan has reached six hundred thousand people, exceeds the total population of indigenous people in Taiwan as well as new immigrants. However, the life and the labor experience of migrant workers are completely different from the rest of Taiwan society. The undocumented migrant workers, also known as the “illegal migrant workers,” are especially hidden from the society and unknown to most people…

Talk by TSAI Tsung Lung
TSAI is an assistant professor at theNational Chung Cheng University and works as an independent documentary producer and director. Social issues regarding human rights, environmental protection, and culture diversities have long been his concerns.

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