4/10 Wed 19:00 ▲燦爛柬埔寨▲攝影作為方法:漫談金邊日與夜


時間:4/10 Wed 7:00 pm
講者:Vannak KHUN (孔凡衲)


大屠殺?佛寺?賭場?你對於金邊的想像是什麼?從規劃作為柬埔寨首都開始,金邊被賦予不同於一般其他柬埔寨城市的發展使命,在政治與經濟發展的無情操作之下,卻也充滿處處溫暖有情的故事。來自金邊的青年攝影藝術家孔凡衲 (Vannak KHUN),透過分享自我的藝術視野,帶領大家穿越今昔,領略金邊的萬種風情。

* 有興趣至金邊進行當代藝術與文化景觀採風的朋友,我們將在講座中推薦獨家私房景點,千萬別錯過!

Photography as methods: Talk with the day and night of Phnom Penh
Genocide? Buddha Temple? Casino? What’s your imagination of Phnom Penh? Starting from planning as the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh has been given a development mission different from that of other Cambodian cities. Under the ruthless operation of political and economic development, it is also full of warm and affectionate stories. Vannak KHUN, a young photography artist from Phnom Penh, shares his artistic vision and leads everyone through the past and present to experience the mundane style of Phnom Penh.

* The person who comes to Phnom Penh for researching and experiencing contemporary art and cultural landscapes, we will recommend exclusive private attractions in the lectures, please don’t miss it!

Vannak KHUN (孔凡衲)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

我主要持續在運用音樂和舞蹈療癒身心靈。透過表演的輔助過程可以追溯自高中時期,我通過當地的基督教教會了解舞蹈,藝術和手工藝等藝術。進入藝術實踐的目的。 2014年,我開始對藝術攝影感興趣。因此決定參加攝影課 ;想多了解藝術,文化和周圍的人,用新的才能挑戰自己,創造具有新意獨特的東西。經歷學習,我的身體作為圖像製作的畫布,我用一些材料作為攝影對象或適度的手勢作為一種學習方法,以及指定人與物, 自己和他人之間關係的藝術實踐路線。 我的行演藝術作品,特別是這些個人信息,個人信息和個人物品。在生命繼續前進的過程中進行簡短的反思干預。

During my high school time I began to learn about arts such as music, dance and art & craft through local Christian church. I have been using music and dance as a main part for healing my physical mind. This remedial process through performances has extended beyond the religious purpose into the artistic practice. I would like to explore more about arts, cultures and people around that i can challenge myself enough with new talent and new experiences to create something new and unique. In 2014, I was interested in art photography then I decided to attend photography class; I usually start from my personal story, an approach that i affirm as a form of honesty. I experimented with my body as a canvas for image making and a subject which I adapted with some materials as an object of photography or modest gestures present as a method for learning as well as an artistic practice route for speculating the relationship between oneself and others. The work comments on my own obsessions and in effect those of humans too, on various belief systems such as scientific system or cultural system. Furthermore, my performance art pieces, particularly, those hints at and instigates social commentaries yet only momentarily, as if offering a brief intervention for reflection before life continues on its way.