8/16 Thu 19:00 【燦爛菲律賓】杜特蒂暴政現正進行式 Duterte’s Martial Law on the rise(英文演講)

【燦爛菲律賓】杜特蒂暴政現正進行式 Duterte’s Martial Law on the rise(英文演講)

時間:8/16 Thu. 7:00 pm
講者:Michael Beltran


【活動內容 Contents】
A discussion that takes a look into the quickest rising fascist dictatorship in South East Asia. President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines has been in power for only over two years yet his reign has seen genocide, an unprecedented rise in prices and inflation, mass arrests, bombings, terror tactics against his critics and the list goes on.

The discussion will take the lens of the poorest citizens of the metro, urban poor Filipinos. Those who bear the brunt of everyday repression and hunger while living in the nation’s urban centers. Amidst this, they experience daily threats to their living situation as Metro Manila poses some of the most violent evictions in the region while boasting the largest number of unemployed and homeless.

This is Duterte’s Philippines, a wasteland of oppression and looming aoicalypse. It is also fertile ground for increased resistance.

【講者介紹 Speaker Profile】
Michael Beltran
Activist – Musician. Studied Political Science at the University of the Philippines – Manila, has been involved with various student and cultural movements in the Philippines. Currently works as the Information Officer of KADAMAY, the National Alliance of Filipino Urban Poor.