11/03 Sun 14:30 ▲燦爛香港▲ 底語呢喃:來自佔領運動/雨傘運動/雨傘革命的聲音(放映及映後座談)

▲燦爛香港▲ 底語呢喃:來自佔領運動/雨傘運動/雨傘革命的聲音(放映及映後座談)
◼︎ 時間:2019年11月3日(日)14:30~17:30
◼︎ 地點:燦爛時光東南亞主題書店(新北市中和區興南路一段135巷1號,MRT南勢角站4號出口右轉三分鐘)
◼︎ 入場費:$200(連續參加兩場優惠為$300)
◼︎ 映後與談人:李維怡(底語呢喃放映小組成員)

底語呢喃:來自佔領運動/雨傘運動/雨傘革命的聲音 | voices omumur : voices from the occupy movement/umbrella movement/umbrella revolution
製作:佔領訪談隊及自治八樓|剪輯及再生產:aumu josm(薆苗草生)|廣東話(中文字幕)| 2014…2016|金鐘,旺角,銅鑼灣|122分|彩色

production: occupy interview team and autonomous 8a|editing: aumu josm|cantonese (chinese subtitles) |2014…2016|admiralty, mongkok, causeway bay|121 minutes and 19 seconds|color
以不同非專業級數碼攝錄機拍攝,由薆苗草生於2016年剪輯及再生產,以自由開源軟件kdenlive 0.9.10.於自由開源作業系統ubuntu 14.04 lts trusty tahr上製作。
一)真誠眾群新聞學 authentic multitude journalism
呢喃於運動與社會的草根之邊底: 真誠眾群新聞學(authentic multitude journalism)
二)真誠新聞學 authentic journalism
三)為便利觀者更易於了解及掌握有關含意,亦請為自由 free、開源open source等字眼embed以下連結:
【English introduction】
voices omumur: voices from the occupy movement/umbrella movement/umbrella revolution
This is a collection of voices selected from the 40+ interviews with some of the peoples in the occupied areas of the movement. we make no pretence that it will in any way portrait or represent the movemnet. so, if that is what you are expecting, you are encouraged to leave us now.
Making a documentary film with the 35+ interviews we have made with the peoples, it is impossible to allow all the voices be thoroughly covered and presented. therefore, this film will at best be a narrative of our own from the peoples we interviewed with during the movement.
With an endeavour to pursuit authentic multitude journalism, we edited the film to give you a glimsp into the engagement of the peoples and at the same time give you the possibility to listen to what the peoples have said.
Along the film, you will find qr codes which will link you to the audio of the full interview with the people who is speaking. so, if you are interested in listening to what that people tried to present, you are encouraged to scan the qr code with you mobile phone and jump to the full interview in audio. you are also encouraged to leave us and listen to the peoples themselves or save that for your further understanding later.
occupy interview 2014
autonomous 8a & friends 2016
shot with various amateur grade digital camcorders
edited and re-produced by aumu josm in 2016
with free open source video editor, kdenlive 0.9.10,
on free open source operating system, ubuntu 14.04 lts trusty tahr.